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Wesmen Athletics Code Of Conduct

All involved with Wesmen Athletics represent The University of Winnipeg and the broader University community. All members of Wesmen Teams are expected to be ambassadors, role models, and mentors in all activities that are undertaken on behalf of the University. Membership on Wesmen teams is a privilege – not a right. Your efforts and accomplishments are a source of pride for the entire University. Players, and everyone associated with Wesmen Athletics, at all levels of competition, are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and in a manner consistent with the long and rich tradition of values associated with Wesmen Athletics. Appropriate conduct is expected in competition, in practice, and during any and all interactions with the community. Your behaviour is a reflection of the program and the players – past, present, and future.

The University is not only concerned with developing students academically, but also with fostering a sense of responsibility to the University and community. Wesmen Athletics strives to develop awareness of important societal issues, to foster concern for the welfare of others, and to enrich understanding of the interdependence of all aspects of life in society. UWinnipeg pays particular attention to ways in which athletic and recreational experiences can improve the quality of life in the broader community. Essential components of the Wesmen tradition include values of equality, inclusion, diversity, and community service that create an environment whereby student athletes can make a contribution on and off the court or field of play.

The Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health, including the Department of Athletics, is similarly committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour as outlined in The Respectful Working and Learning Environment Policy, The Sexual Misconduct Protocol, The Academic Misconduct Policy, and other relevant UWinnipeg policies. Student-athletes or others who have a concern regarding the respectful learning or working environment should seek advice from the Human Rights and Diversity Officer in Human Resources. The University wants to ensure and promote an environment that is safe, positive, respectful, and conducive to the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.

We strive for an environment free from racism, sexism, harassment, hazing, and discrimination. As such, hazing in any form, engaged in voluntarily or involuntarily, forced or encouraged, intentional or unintentional, on or off campus, that subjects players, including new and returning players, to degrading, abusive, or embarrassing situations, or that results in emotional or physical discomfort, or is a risk to health and safety, is unacceptable. This is to be clearly understood by everyone associated with Wesmen Athletics.

In addition to a no-hazing policy, any orientation/team building activity must be organized with, and approved by, both the head coach, and the Athletic Director, who will inform the Dean in advance of the proposed activity. Common sense and good judgment should be exercised as a matter of course. Obviously, any criminal violations or illegal activities (such as the presence of drugs or prohibited substances) will not be tolerated, and are subject to University and/or legal consequences.

Wesmen student-athletes should use UWinnipeg facilities and equipment with proper care and responsibility, and show the same diligence when visiting any other campus or facility. Be considerate and courteous to facility hosts and ensure that all areas used by the players, such as bench areas and change rooms, are left clean, and undamaged. Respect for teammates, coaches, officials, and the opposition is expected. Note that when student-athletes and teams are traveling, the Coach acts as the student-athlete’s guardian; athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a way that best represents the Athletics Department, the Faculty, and the University. Student-athletes are highly visible representatives of the University, particularly when traveling with their teams; you are expected to be dressed appropriately and groomed for the given setting. 

Regarding the use of social media, it’s important to be respectful, and to protect your privacy and the privacy of others, by using caution in all Social Networking including: texting, FlickR, tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and others). Think before you post or tweet. Do not share/post information, photos or other items that could embarrass you, your family, your team, the Athletic Department, or UWinnipeg. This includes derogatory, defamatory or inappropriate comments. Coaches, Athletic Department administrators, faculty, staff, other students, employers, alumni, the media, and police departments can and do monitor these websites regularly. Remember that potential employers, internship supervisors, graduate programs, and scholarship committees may search sites to screen applicants.

Please also note that student-athletes who engage in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary action set forth by the University. Examples of academic dishonesty include: cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, multiple submissions, and facilitating academic dishonesty. See The University of Winnipeg Undergraduate Academic Calendar for details.

In sum, all players, coaches, team staff members, and employees of the Department of Athletics are required to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner consistent with The University of Winnipeg Wesmen Code of Conduct and all other relevant policies of The University. Violations will be subject to discipline in accordance with UWinnipeg procedures. Failure to comply can result in consequences or penalties up to and including: removal of an individual from a team, and/or the University; or removal of a team from competition and/or the University.


       Download UWinnipeg Wesmen Athletics Code of Conduct (PDF)