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What Is A Wesmen?

The name WESMEN came about after a “Name the Team “contest was held by the University of Winnipeg’s Students Association in 1966. The name “WESMAN” was entered, a combination from Wesley College and Manitoba College, the names of the two founding colleges that eventually became the University of Winnipeg. The name was changed slightly to “WESMEN” as a way of pluralizing it. To this date all University of Winnipeg Varsity sports teams are proudly known as the University of Winnipeg Wesmen.

Another Bit Of History:

Founded in 1888 by the Methodist Church as Wesley College, the University of Winnipeg has been an integral part of the history of downtown Winnipeg for over 100 years.

In those early days the Methodist Church was very active in the spiritual affairs of the people who lived on the frontiers of North America. With a little training in the Bible from a school such as Wesley College, men were sent out into the Prairies to spread the Christian Word. These men on horseback were called the "WESMEN" by the early settlers and hence the name of today's University of Winnipeg Athletic Teams.

In 1938 Wesley College joined the Presbyterian Manitoba College to form United College. United College flourished in downtown Winnipeg and on July 1, 1967 officially became the University of Winnipeg.